“7 Proven Guidelines for Creating a Stand-Out and Google-Friendly Blog Post Title” 

 April 1, 2023


Blogging has become a popular medium for sharing your ideas, knowledge, and experience with the world. However, the most challenging part of blogging is to grab your audience’s attention and attract them to your blog. The blog post title is one of the most crucial factors influencing readers to click on your content. In this blog post, we will share seven proven guidelines for creating a stand-out and Google-friendly blog post title that will increase your blog traffic and engagement.

1. Be Clear and Concise

Your blog post title should be clear, brief, and to the point. The title should provide a good understanding of the content behind it without being too descriptive or lengthy. A clear title will also help search engines understand what your content is about, making it easier for them to index and rank your post.

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2. Use Numbers in Your Title

Using numbers in your title is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention. Numbers create an impression of a quick and easy read, which is excellent for busy readers who want instant gratification. Including numbers in your title also allows you to make a bold statement and promises that you can fulfill within the article.

3. Leverage Power Words

Power words are persuasive terms that convey strong emotions and encourage readers to take action. Examples of power words are: “proven,” “effective,” “secrets,” “revolutionary,” etc. Using power words in your title can make your blog post stand out from the competition and potentially increase clicks and shares.

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4. Include Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that showcase the primary topic of your blog post. Including keywords in your title is an effective way to signal search engines that your content is relevant to the reader’s search query. Ensure that the keywords in your title match the content in your post as using click bait titles may affect your reader’s trust.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency in your title can encourage readers to click on your post immediately, as they don’t want to miss out on something important. Examples of urgency-driven titles are: “Don’t Miss Out,” “Limited Time Offer,” “Exclusive.” However, ensure that the urgency in the title resonates well with the content and is not made-up for the sake of it.

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6. Offer Value

People are always looking for solutions to their problems and value propositions that benefit them. Providing a specific benefit or solution in the title can convince readers that this blog post is worth reading. Showing that the blog post solves a pain point can also improve click-through rates.

7. Be Authentic and Unique

Your blog post title should reflect authenticity and uniqueness. Do not try to copy other’s titles or be too similar to them as readers may become bored or not find the content valuable enough. To stand out from your competitors, ensure that your title is unique, fresh, and reflects your style of writing.

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1. How many words should be in a title for a blog post?
There is no specific word count limit for a blog post title, but it should be within 60 characters when possible. A title over 60 characters might get cut in search engine results, which impacts visibility.

2. Should I use click bait titles to grab attention?
No, click bait titles may attract readers initially but can damage your credibility in the long run. Ensure that your title reflects the content in the post and provides value to your readers.

3. Can I use humor in my title?
Yes, including humor in your title can grab your audience’s attention and create an impression of a fun, interesting read. However, ensure that the humor is appropriate to your audience and is aligned with your brand’s personality.

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4. Can I include numbers in my title?
Yes, using numbers in your title is an excellent way to attract readers as it provides a sense of the structure and length of your post.

5. Is keyword stuffing recommended in the title?
No, search engines penalize content that contains excessive repetition of a particular keyword. Ensure that your title includes the primary keyword but focus more on the value it provides to the reader.

6. Should I make my blog title too descriptive?
No, your title should be concise and to the point, offering a clear understanding of the post’s content. An excessively descriptive title can make it hard for readers to understand the article’s summary, focus, or the main takeaway.

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7. Is it recommended to use ALL CAPS in the blog title?
While capitalizing your title may make it stand out initially, it can make your content seem unprofessional or spammy. Maintain the title’s capitalization as normal/proper case or capitalize the critical words only, like proper nouns or benefits.


In conclusion, creating a stand-out and Google-friendly blog post title requires careful consideration of its objective, target audience, and the content behind it. A title that resonates with the reader’s needs and offers value proposition can increase the click-through rate, engagement, and potential shares. Using appropriate keywords, power words, and numbers can make the title appear appealing, unique and persuasive. Take time to craft your blog post title and experiment with different variations to find the most effective, engaging, and appealing one that reflects your brand and personality. Remember, the title is the first impression of your blog post and can influence the reader’s decision to invest time in your content. Follow these guidelines, experiment, and have fun exploring different titles to create excellent content.

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