“Niven Howie’s Net Worth Revealed: How Much Has This Racing Legend Earned?” 

 March 28, 2023


Niven Howie, a name that rings a bell for all motorsport enthusiasts, has made a name for himself in the racing world. The British born racer has been successful in his career, boasting an impressive resume of accolades and contributions to the world of racing. As we dive deeper into his life, one question arises – how much has he earned throughout his career?

Early Life

Niven Howie was born on October 10th, 1949 in Surrey, England. As a young boy, he showed a keen interest in anything that had wheels. He would spend hours tinkering with motorcycles and cars, fueling his passion for motorsport further. As he grew up, Niven Howie pursued his love for motorsport and began competing in motorcycle and car races, winning many titles in the process.

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Career Highlights and Achievements

Niven Howie has had a long and successful racing career. He has competed in various racing events such as the British Formula 2 Championship, Formula 5000, and the European Formula 2 Championship. He won the 1978 Aurora AFX Formula 1 Series, one of his most memorable achievements. Moreover, he has a notable contribution to endurance racing, being part of the winning team at the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour race in 1979 and 1980. Niven Howie is a well-respected figure in the racing fraternity and has contributed immensely to the sport globally.

Business Ventures

Apart from his successful racing career, Niven Howie has ventured into several business ventures. He is the founder and owner of Creighton’s Naturally, a company that produces food products. In addition, he has considerable interests in the property industry, and he owns and manages several properties, which have made him a considerable amount of wealth.

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Niven Howie’s Net Worth

According to sources, Niven Howie’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Through his various business ventures, investments, and a long and successful racing career, he has amassed significant wealth. Also, he continues to earn through his ventures and investments.


Q1. What was Niven Howie’s most significant achievement in his racing career?
A1. Niven Howie’s most significant achievement in his racing career was winning the 1978 Aurora AFX Formula 1 Series.

Q2. In which racing event did Niven Howie participate?
A2. Niven Howie participated in events such as the British Formula 2 Championship, Formula 5000, and the European Formula 2 Championship.

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Q3. What is Creighton’s naturally?
A3. Creighton’s Naturally is a food product company that Niven Howie owns and operates.

Q4. Does Niven Howie still race?
A4. No, Niven Howie retired from racing some years ago. However, he remains actively involved in the motorsport industry through other ventures.

Q5. Does Niven Howie engage in philanthropy?
A5. Yes, Niven Howie actively engages in philanthropy. He supports different causes such as environmental conservation and human rights.

Q6. Where does Niven Howie reside?
A6. Niven Howie currently resides in Surrey, England.

Q7. What is Niven Howie’s estimated net worth?
A7. Niven Howie’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million.

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In conclusion, Niven Howie has established himself as a legend in the motorsport and business world. Through his racing career and business ventures, he has earned a significant amount of wealth, and his estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. Despite his retirement from racing, Niven Howie remains an influential figure in the industry, contributing through his various investments and philanthropic efforts. We can all learn from Niven Howie’s work ethic, perseverance, and dedication to achieving his goals.

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