Stop What You Are Doing And Pursue An MBA! 

 November 5, 2021

All About MBA (Master of Business Administration)

If you don’t know already, MBA is a two-year management postgraduate degree. It is one of the most popular degrees in the world and teaches technical, managerial, and leadership skills. An MBA degree fast tracks your way up the corporate ladder.

Here’s why-

  • Students from any educational background can pursue an MBA.
  • Both freshers, as well as professionals, can opt to go for an MBA course. 
  • There are various modes of MBA such as Regular, Part-Time and Distance Learning. This ensures that students can complete their MBA while working a job simultaneously.

MBA Course Eligibility

  • You need to be a graduate in any field
  • You need to have a certain minimum percentage during graduation. (This depends on individual colleges)
  • Final year graduation students are also eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must have appeared in one of the accepted MBA entrance exams- CAT, MAT, CMAT, ATMA, XAT, GMAT or state entrance exams.
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Top MBA Specialisations

One of the best things about an MBA is that you can specialise in a field of your choice. This helps you get added knowledge about an area you are genuinely interested in.

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Logistics Management
  • MBA in Marketing Management
  • MBA in BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance)
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Sales Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in Digital Marketing

Top MBA Skills

An MBA imparts technical skills but apart from that it also teaches students leadership and soft skills. These are extremely important in order to be successful in your career-

  • Business know-how
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Strategic research
  • Analytical approach
  • Leadership
  • Ability to work under pressure
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Scope of MBA: Salary and Job Opportunities

An MBA makes a massive difference to the opportunities available to you.

You can expect a huge hike in your pre and post MBA salary. Individual salaries depend on your specialisation and skills but rest assured that MBA grads are one of the most well paid employees in the world.

Post completion of your degree, you can get hired as a Sales Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Product Manager, Business Analyst etc.

MBA in Banking and Finance- A specialisation to consider

So considering that you have chosen to pursue an MBA, what next? You also need to choose a specialisation. Let us provide you with an option- an MBA in Banking and Finance!

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An MBA in Banking and Finance degree teaches students how to plan, control and manage financial resources in an organisation.

With banks and finance companies onboarding with new technologies like blockchain, AI and machine learning, there is a need for new employees to handle these technologies

MBA in BFSI grads are in high demand nowadays due to technical skills and knowledge such as taxation knowledge, corporate financial evaluation, investment management and insurance management.

While the final decision rests with you, this is an interesting option you should definitely consider.

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