Top 15 Tested and Approved Heavy Cream Substitutes 

 July 6, 2021

Heavy cream is a very popular dairy ingredient that aids in adding richness, flavor and body in different dishes comprising soups, casseroles and desserts. Besides, heavy cream is made when fresh milk left to settle, and heavy cream rises right on top, followed by scraped off.

However, some individuals avoid cream simply because they have lactose intolerance or a vegan diet. Fortunately, I have deep-researched and come up with top-rated and safe heavy cream substitutes that will still meet your expectations, similar to Heavy cream.

1. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is made from cream and a blend of milk, making it the perfect substitute for heavy cream. However, for best texture and taste, use cream cheese in savory recipes such as frosting, think soups and cheesy sauces that will typically accommodate that specific flavor.


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– Milk and cottage cheese


– Mix the two ingredients thoroughly with 1/3 cup of dairy milk free from margarine.

2. Butter and Milk

Butter and milk are perfect substitutes for heavy cream in cooking and baking recipes. Besides, this cream is utilized to add creaminess and flavor similar to heavy cream.


– Butter, milk, flour


– Combine ¼ cup of melted butter and ¾ cup of whole milk, and you can also. Add one tablespoon of white flour if you are utilizing low-fat whole milk. Mix thoroughly.

3. Milk and Greek Yogurt

By mixing this Greet Yogurt and milk, you will easily make a god heavy cream substitute to thicken your delicious recipes such as sauces, soups etc. Besides, this specific yogurt is approved to provide a healthy twist via increasing protein content since it rich in proteins.

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– Greek yogurt and milk


– Blend equivalent parts of Greek yogurt and milk. Milk is used to thin yogurt because it very thick. This replacement will give you a perfect match for the required recipe.

4. Corn starch and Milk

This mix is beneficial as it low-fat, low-calorie alternative to heavy cream. In essence, this substitute works well for cooking, thicken milk without increasing fat content etc. So if you have been trying to shed off excess fat and calories, this is the right substitute to use.


– Any milk and cornstarch


– Mix one cup of any milk with two tablespoons of fresh cornstarch, stir well before leaving the mixture to stand for some time, allowing it to thicken. However, if you will use skimmed milk, you may be required to add another tablespoon of quality cornstarch.

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5. Olive oil and soy milk

Do you love vegan cooking, then this is the right heavy cream substitute to use. Besides, this replacement is perfect and popular for cooking, baking as well as adding taste and tenderness—olive oil aids in adding required fat to soy milk for the function and flavor of heavy milk.


– Olive oil and soy milk


– Combine 1/3 full cup of olive oil with 2/3 full cup of soy milk to substitute one cup of thick heavy cream.

6. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk will work perfectly for the individual who doesn’t like overexerting themselves in the kitchen. This milk is low-calorie, no added sugar making it a healthier selection for heavy cream replacement. Generally, evaporated milk is canned milk, shelf-stable with 60 percent less water compared to regular milk. Further, you can also sweeten your recipes by adding a few drops of vanilla extract.

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– Evaporated Milk


– For excellent results, consider swapping out the heavy cream right with an equal amount of your evaporated milk to a specific cream.

7. Soy Milk and Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu is rich in protein and solid, making it the perfect substitute for heavy cream. And the soy milk provides improved texture and makes excellent vegan whipped cream for a sweet tooth. You can add some vanilla extract and a sprinkle of sugar to make the best heavy cream substitute. This is often a popular addition to specialty coffee when made as a cappuccino or latte.


– Silken Tofu, soy milk, sugar and vanilla extract for sweet recipes.

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– Mix equal amounts of silken Tofu and soy milk, blend thoroughly to make the mixture thick and smooth.

8. White Beans

In stews and soups, someone can blend white beans inspite of heavy cream to thicken the dish while adding nutrients, fibers and nutrients.


– White beans


Switch every cup of heavy cream with one full cup of blended white beans.

9. Brown rice with low-fat milk

For savory dishes such as soups, you substitute heavy cream with brown rice and low-fat milk. This replacement help reduces excess fat and the number of calories in your recipes.

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– Brown rice, low–fat milk


– Mix half a cup of brown rice ( uncooked) with two cups of your recipe, for example, unsalted chicken stock.

– Boil for high-medium heat and simmer for about 25 minutes

– Allow the recipe to settle for about five minutes, blend in one cup of low-fat milk until you get the mixture of your choice.

10. Cashew Cream

This is a vegan heavy cream substitute which provides milder flavor which coconut, where coconut cream is cashew cream. Remember, this replacement takes some hours, so you need to be patient. Besides, this substitute works best for soups, pasta, pies etc. You can still use this cashew cream instead of heavy cream to thicken creamy soups or tomato sauce.

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– Cashew cream


– Soak one full cup of raw cashews into the water for about two hours

– Drain the cashews

– Mix your cashews with four to three cups with a pinch of salt, and wait It turns smooth.

– Store in the fridge for your cream to become thick

11. Coconut Cream

For vegan cooking, you can make or pick coconut cream from nearby stores. Coconut works best in sweeter recipes, baked goods and an ideal substitute for pie toppings, ice cream, and frosting.


– Coconut cream


– Chill one can of full-fat best coconut milk during the night for the easiest results. On the following day, consider draining away excess liquid and utilize thick coconut as the best substitute. Remember to utilize an equal amount of heavy cream in your recipes.

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12. Heavy cream powder

For some of us who want something which will pop right into the pantry, the heavy cream powder will not disappoint you.

13. Half, half and butter

It contains less fat than heavy cream. This substitute is made from a blend of light cream and whole milk, both 50 percent and containing 12 to 10 percent fat content. This substitute works perfectly in many recipes such as whipping, baking and cooking.


– Half cream and half and butter


– Mix 7/8 cup of half-half cream and 1/8 of melted butter thoroughly and use it.

14. Light Cream

Because light cream got a thinner texture, it is the best heavy cream substitute to use in liquid and soup recipes. Further, light cream also will help you reduce calorie and fat content within the shortest time possible.

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15. Sugar, Aguafaba and sugar

This heavy cream can be whipped. You just need to typically refrigerate this liquid to make it cold and nice, followed by whipping using a stand mixer for about 15 and 20 minutes before adding vanilla and sugar to taste.


The above are the best and top-rated heavy cream substitutes you can use for different recipes. Besides, these substitutes are tested and approved to meet your expectations in any heavy cream recipe you would love to make.

Keep in mind that if you want to use these to make whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers, only recipes with a high fat content will work for other recipes you can just add some butter. If the fat content is too low these and even light cream will not whip very well using the cream chargers and whipped cream dispenser method.

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