Unlocking the Mystery: Jimmy Howell Net Worth Revealed 

 April 1, 2023

Unlocking the Mystery: Jimmy Howell Net Worth Revealed

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities earn? Well, today we are going to unlock the mystery behind Jimmy Howell’s net worth, an American Football Punter. Like every other athlete, Jimmy Howell has made a fortune from his career in football, but how much is he worth?

Let’s delve into Jimmy Howell’s life and discover his net worth and how he earned it.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Howell was born on June 14, 1989, in Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee, and attended Brentwood Academy High School, where he played football and honed his skills as a punter, kicker, and quarterback.

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After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the University of Virginia, where he studied and played football. Throughout his college years, he performed exceptionally well, earning numerous accolades and earning a spot in the NFL.

Professional Career

After graduating from college in 2012, Howell signed up with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent. However, he was later waived, and his professional football career seemed to be over.

After a few years of uncertainty, Howell was signed by the Arena Football League’s (AFL) Jacksonville Sharks, where he would play for two seasons.

In 2017, Howell signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a punter, where he would play for a few years before being waived in 2020. During his professional career in the NFL, Jimmy has earned an impressive fortune that pales in comparison to his initial years as an athlete.

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How much is Jimmy Howell Worth?

Jimmy Howell’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $5 million, thanks to his career as a professional football punter. His wealth comes from his NFL contracts, lucrative endorsement deals, and investments.

Although Jimmy Howell’s net worth is far from the likes of Tom Brady and other NFL legends, he has amassed quite a fortune for himself. This amount serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication he put into his professional football career.

FAQs About Jimmy Howell

1. What is Jimmy Howell’s net worth?
Jimmy Howell’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $5 million.

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2. How did Jimmy Howell become a professional football punter?
After playing college football and earning numerous accolades, he signed up with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent and later joined the NFL, where he earned most of his fortune.

3. What are Jimmy Howell’s most significant achievements?
Aside from his career in football, Jimmy was a standout kicker and punter during his college days at the University of Virginia.

4. How old is Jimmy Howell?
Jimmy Howell was born on June 14, 1989, making him 32 years old as of 2021.

5. Is Jimmy Howell still playing football professionally?
As of 2021, it is unknown if Jimmy Howell is still playing professional football as he has not been signed by any NFL team.

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6. What teams did Jimmy Howell play for during his professional football career?
Jimmy Howell played for the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Sharks (Arena Football League), and the Atlanta Falcons throughout his professional football career.

7. What was Jimmy Howell’s role in the NFL?
Jimmy Howell was a professional football punter during his time in the NFL.


Regardless of how long his NFL career lasted and his current status, Jimmy Howell was able to make a name for himself and garner wealth from his time in professional football. He became a testament to hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

It is important to remember that there are many avenues to becoming successful, and the sports industry provides great opportunities to earn a decent income. Hopefully, this blog post has demystified the net worth of Jimmy Howell, one of the many players in the NFL.

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