Unveiling Clark Howat’s Impressive Net Worth: Find Out How He Built His Fortune! 

 March 31, 2023

Unveiling Clark Howat’s Impressive Net Worth: Find Out How He Built His Fortune!

Clark Howat, an actor and producer, is known for his work on “The Wild Wild West,” “General Hospital,” and “Gomer Pyle, USMC.” He grew up in the entertainment industry and built his career from the ground up. We want to explore how much he is worth and what he did to get there. Let’s dive in and learn about Clark Howat’s impressive net worth.

Early Life and Career

Clark Howat was born on July 22, 1918 in Calaveras County, California. His father, Ralph Howat, was a silent film director and producer, and his mother was a stage actress. With his parents in the industry, Clark Howat was born into it. After studying drama in college, he began his career on stage and radio. He then made the transition to film and television, starting as an extra.

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Acting Career

Clark Howat appeared in over 70 television shows, including “I Love Lucy,” “The Munsters,” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” He also acted in numerous films, such as “The Misty” and “The Indestructible Man.” It was his work on “The Wild Wild West” where he played various characters that boosted his career, making him a household name. His acting skills earned him high praise and respect in the entertainment industry.

Producing Career

Clark Howat did not just stop at acting, but also ventured into producing and directing. He produced and directed a pilot called “Atom Squad,” which was later picked up by CBS and renamed “Men Into Space.” The series was a hit and ran for two years. Howat later produced and directed the cult classic “Panic in Year Zero!” With all these accomplishments, it is no surprise that he attained substantial wealth.

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Real Estate Investment

Aside from his on-screen career, Clark Howat was also smart in real estate investment. He invested in properties in prime locations, earning him significant profits. He owned several properties in Beverly Hills, California, including a mansion on Woodland Drive. The mansion was sold in the 1980s for a staggering $14.5 million.

Investing in Stocks and Bonds

Clark Howat was an avid investor in stocks and bonds. He had a financial advisor who helped him make smart investment decisions, allowing him to earn substantial returns while protecting his wealth. He invested heavily in the entertainment industry and other sectors that he had a good knowledge of.

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Q1: What is Clark Howat’s net worth?

A1: Clark Howat’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Q2: What is Clark Howat most famous for?

A2: Clark Howat is renowned for his roles in “The Wild Wild West,” “General Hospital,” and “Gomer Pyle, USMC.”

Q3: Did Clark Howat own properties?

A3: Yes, Clark Howat was into real estate investment and owned several properties in prime areas.

Q4: Was Clark Howat engaged in any other investments aside from acting and real estate?

A4: Yes, he was an investor in stocks and bonds.

Q5: What made Clark Howat a wealthy man?

A5: Clark Howat’s wealth came from his career as an actor, producer, and director, real estate investments, and stock and bond investing.

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Q6: What made Clark Howat’s mansion in Beverly Hills so valuable?

A6: The mansion’s prime location in Beverly Hills and its luxurious features and amenities made it worth millions of dollars.

Q7: Did Clark Howat rely on his financial advisor to make investment decisions?

A7: Yes, Clark Howat had a financial advisor who helped him make sound investment decisions.


Clark Howat’s impressive net worth is a result of his hard work and smart investment decisions. From his early life in the entertainment industry to his successful on-screen and off-screen careers, he was a man who knew what he wanted in life and how to achieve it. His legacy in the entertainment industry and the investments he made to protect his wealth are a testament to his success. If you are interested in achieving your own financial success, it is important to learn from successful people like Clark Howat.

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